How blockchain can build communities completely free of hierarchy

Blockchain technology has blown up. While a year ago blockchain was an unknown side note synonymous with Bitcoin, today there are dozens of applications making their way into mainstream media.
To many, blockchain is a foreign concept reserved for computer science junkies and is irrelevant to the average mom and pop, but what many don’t realize is that blockchain is similar to familiar pillar in everyone’s lives: community.
Sometimes, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the statement that ‘blockchain is a new technology’. In a sense it is, for it allows us to build useful applications on top of it, but truly, it is just a group of individuals who follow a certain set of rules that allow them to trust each other. Anyone can play the game if they follow the rules, just like in a community.
Similarly, blockchain is a community of participants across the globe that rally around a similar cause: to provide transparency, trust, and decentralization to the world. As communities and blockchains grow, there are more participants devoting time, resources, and capital to the network, making it more valuable with every user that joins.
In other words, blockchain is like a tribe. Everyone in the tribe knows everything about everyone else


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