Digital assistants aims to serve love

The major tech companies are putting these digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and activated by voice, into multiple products. It's a strategic thrust to enmesh you further in their ecosystems, deepening and potentially adding sources of revenue.What’s becoming loud and clear is that a machine’s ability to recognize and process speech will be integral to the "Internet of Things" universe, from wearable to connected cars, to home automation and appliances."The tech companies have realized that there is great value to be derived in collecting and aggregating customer input and they no longer care whether it is spoken initially or in the form of text," says Derek Top, the director of research at Opus Research, which specializes in "conversational commerce."Apple's Siri, most known as the voice on the iPhone, already makes its presence felt on the latest Apple TV box, on the Apple Watch and inside the vehicle you drive, via Car Play. Google's voice is heard across the Android and Google Now spectrum, and when you're at the wheel using Android Auto. Microsoft's Cortana has moved beyond Windows Phones onto rival smartphones, Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and cars.And Alexa, the cloud-based voice-activated assistant inhabiting Amazon’s increasingly popular line of Echo wireless speakers, is now also broadcasting from a non-Amazon device, a sandwich-sized speaker called Triby. What’s more, the emergence of bots and, as Microsoft corporate vice president Derrick Connell puts it, “conversation canvasses,” suggest Cortana and peers will play an essential role, “because natural language is really the main UI (user interface)." That's also why its a good bet you'll be hearing from other fresh voices relatively soon, including perhaps from Facebook as the social media giant makes bots, the artificial intelligence-powered robots that aim to simulate human conversation, a major part of its Messenger platform. It has been beta testing its own digital assistant, M, not yet voice activated.


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