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Snap copied location sharing app Zenly to build Snap Map

Snap just announced a brand new feature today called Snap Map, which lets you view your friends on a map in real time and browse stories around you. If this sounds familiar, it’s because French startup Zenly has been working for years on a location sharing app so that you can see what your friends have been up to. According to multiple sources, Snap approached Zenly late last year about a potential acquisition but the talks remained very informal as Zenly immediately turned down the idea. If you’re not familiar with Zenly, it’s quite straightforward. When you open the app, it shows a giant map with your location and your friends’ location. You can send emojis and messages, but the main content is the location of your friends. Over time, Zenly got smarter. For instance, the app knows where you sleep and where you work, so it can automatically display a status icon next to your friends. The icons representing your closest friends are displayed most prominently. More importantly, Zenly k…

Home robot Kuri can now recognize pets, see and stream in HD (BOSCH)

Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri is an expressive bowling pin that will steal your heart and hopes to become a key element of your family’s home life, and its latest updates make it better at capturing cherished memories, at recognizing fuzzy friends, and at getting around.
The Kuri team has provided some updates on its progress in developing the robot, including news that its visual intelligence system can now identify and recognize pets, including dogs and cats. This is in addition to its ability to recognize human family members, which was previously announced. That means it can understand when it’s looking at a pet, and that information can have different consequences than if it were seeing a human, for instance. Kuri also now sports a better vision system, which includes a 1080p HD camera, which is now fully integrated with the rest of its systems. The 1080p virtual eyes mean that Kuri can stream live in top quality, as well as capture still images and video while interacting with the fam…

This Malware Infects Your Computer Without A Mouse Click

Recently, researchers at Trend Micro and Dodge this security had discovered a technique in which hackers can launch the malware even if you don’t click anything. This is what makes this malware most dangerous. Since it triggers itself without even a click. Users just need to hover a mouse pointer over a hyperlink in a carrier PowerPoint file to trigger the malware. Well, the recent campaign is targeting companies and organizations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Victims are receiving emails which are mostly related to finance like “Invoice”, “Order” etc. with an attached PowerPoint presentation. The powerpoint file has a hyperlink in the center that displays “Loading…please wait” that is actually an embedded malicious PowerShell script. Once user hovers a mouse over the malicious link, it executes the script.

Digital assistants aims to serve love

The major tech companies are putting these digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and activated by voice, into multiple products. It's a strategic thrust to enmesh you further in their ecosystems, deepening and potentially adding sources of revenue.What’s becoming loud and clear is that a machine’s ability to recognize and process speech will be integral to the "Internet of Things" universe, from wearable to connected cars, to home automation and appliances."The tech companies have realized that there is great value to be derived in collecting and aggregating customer input and they no longer care whether it is spoken initially or in the form of text," says Derek Top, the director of research at Opus Research, which specializes in "conversational commerce."Apple's Siri, most known as the voice on the iPhone, already makes its presence felt on the latest Apple TV box, on the Apple Watch and inside the vehicle you drive, v…

WannaCry Ransomware Is On Windows 10 Now

The world has just faced a huge ransomware attack. Wannacry Ransomware attack already hit companies across the world. Well, the Wannacry attack is one of the biggest ransom ware attacks of its kind. Security researchers are still busy developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware. Well, Windows was affected massively across the world. The attack mostly targeted systems running on Windows XP. However, Windows 10 was probably safe against Wanna Cry ransom ware attacks because Microsoft has already issued a patch that effectively saved the ransom ware from causing any significant damage. Recently, researchers at Risk Sense have successfully managed to port the WannaCry exploit to infect Windows 10 as well. The technical details haven’t made public. However, users running the updated version of Windows 10 with all patches installed are likely to remain safe. As we all know that Wanna Cry had been spread by exploiting a vulnerability named Eternal Blue. Security researchers at Risk Sense b…