The Real Reason Why We Feel Our Phones Vibrating When They Aren't Is Actually Fascinating

Each and every one of us is extremely dependent on our phones, there is no denying that. We are just constantly glued to our phones and it's hard to go through long periods of times without it. We are so attached to our phones that, at one point or another, we have all thought that they were vibrating or ringing but there was actually no call or notification.

This is called a phantom phone call or text. A survey of college students revealed that over 80% of them had experienced it. It has become a very common phenomenon, but if it's happening way too often-like more than once a day-it could be a clear sign that you are psychologically dependent on your cellphone
The survey, which was conducted on 750 undergraduate students, reflected that those who had a higher score for mobile phone dependency-be it using their phones to feel better and just getting irritated when they couldn't use it-experienced phantom vibrations way more frequently.
Phantom vibration is probably a very small and harmless problem, but it raises an important question about how much we actually rely on technology and how it basically has so much influence over our social life


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