IoT World:Know your rights

Ahead of the IoT World conference in Santa Clara, California, today, IoT network firm Silver Spring Networks, laid down a marker and published their “Know your Rights” white paper, pointing out what IoT developers should require from network providers.
Issues around the best network options for the growing world of IoT are critical right now, and everyone from wireless carriers to hardware makers wants a hand in this game.
Silver Springs’ rights read a little like the Ten Commandments, but the market needs that kind of direction.
In case you’re wondering, here’s the list:
1. The Right to ubiquitous coverage.
2. The Right to a solution based on open industry standards.
3. The Right to persistent safeguards from unauthorized access and detection.
4. The Right to leverage a large and diverse ecosystem of providers.
5. The Right to consistent performance for every device, everywhere.
6. The Right to power-efficient devices that communicate as often as you need them.
7. The Right to use a platform that has been proven at scale.
8. The Right to guaranteed service levels.
9. The Right to massive scalability.
10. The Right for your network to live long (and without failure).
The company will be demoing an expansion of its developer program at IoT World
The white paper comes at a time where IoT networks are fragmented and there are plenty of options available for customers. Wi-SUN, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT are three major network architecture choices, each suited for different needs.


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