Intel says Xeon SPs to run SAP workloads 1.59 times faster than Xeon E7

This morning Intel asserted that its new soon-to-be-released Xeon SPs (scalable processors) will run in-memory SAP HANA workloads about 1.59 times faster than a Xeon E7 v4 system.
The chip giant has already demonstrated Optane DIMMs to a room full of industry observers last week.
Intel added that its new Xeon SP family of CPUs will be available in the middle of this year. Those processors are of the Skylake variety.
To be sure, there are 4 Xeon SP brand variants but in reverse order of performance-- Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. They offer a new core, an improved cache, on-die interconnects, memory controller and optimized features, plus a new storage and networking feature.
The company says they are suited for the demands of big-data, and in-memory workloads in the enterprise segment.
At the Sapphire NOW event, Intel asserted that SAP had certified HANA to support up to 6 times greater system memory (for OLAP Processing) on the new Intel platform for 4- or 8-socket configurations over the representative installed base of systems available in mid-2013.
The representative installed base simply means that Xeon E7 processors will provide support from 0.5 TB to 1 TB (8-socket) of DRAM. It’s a rather huge improvement in maximum memory.
Intel also demonstrated its 3D X-Point Optane persistent RAM in a DIMM form factor at the SAP event. Use of this memory in SAP HANA systems should boost system performance further, by bringing data within the low-latency Optane access arena from the longer latency NAND drive storage segment.
Intel added that its Optane memory will be available next year as part of a Cascade Lake refresh of Xeon SP. Cascade Lake is a Xeon CPU that supports Optane NVDIMMs.


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