Hackers Behind WannaCry Attack Are Sending This Message To Victims!

Earlier this year the hacking group ‘The Shadow Brokers’ chose to give away the hacking tools that were stolen from the NSA for free. Well, the tools can be utilized to hack computers running on Microsoft Windows.
The malicious software Wana Cryptor 2.0 which is also known as W Cry is now being utilized to carry out one of the largest ransom ware attacks of its kind. If you are still unaware about Wana Crypt0r then you need to visit this link.
Security researchers at Avast have recorded over 57,000 detections of WanaCryptor 2.0 ransom ware in 99 countries. Let me tell you, after the attack, the ransom being demanded is $300 worth of bitcoins.
Well, now it looks like the attackers behind this ransomware seem to be sending victims a message which encourages them to pay up. According to the reports, several users are receiving a pop-up message that clearly shows that there is a single hacker behind the operation.
The hacker is also willing to return users control of their files. The message reads:
“I have already sent decryption keys to many customers who had sent me the correct amounts of bitcoin, and I guarantee the decryption for such honest customers. Send me a message with your unique bitcoin wallet address an hour before your payment. Then you will receive the decryption key more quickly.”

Well, previously we have seen White House said on Monday that more than $70,000 has been already paid in a Wana Cryptor ransom ware attack. Tom Bossert, White House Homeland Security Adviser said at a daily briefing “We are not aware of payments that have led to any data recovery”
It is also possible that the ransom ware was pre-programmed to show this type of pop-up message at a particular time. However, researchers stated that the hackers are actually sending the message right now. 


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