BitCoin (Cryptocurrency)

What is BitCoin (Cryptocurrency) ?
In this article, i am going to write almost everything about BitCoin which is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency. It is the most precious currency as well and today (01 Nov 2016 - 3:00 PM) its worth is 1 BTC = $15,781.91 (INR 1.11lakhS) and it keep on fluctuating with time. BitCoin is like a treasure of internet which is digital in nature. You can compare it with the Gold (which exist physically and can be touched) but BitCoin is like a digital gold which does not exist physically and can not be touched. When It was introduced in 2009, It worth 6 INR but now its worth has been increased by many folds and it worth now about 50,000 INR. This is the reason why everyone want to grab BitCoins.
BitCoin is amazing concept of Cryptocurrency developed by Shatoshi (who is still unknown and many people have came forward to claim themselves as shatoshi) to proof that buy sell can be accomplished btween two people directly without any 3rd party. If we consider internet as a world, then BitCoin will be its currency.
BitCoin is an open source project


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