5 of the Best CyanogenMod Alternatives for Android

Cynogen Mod was one of the most leading ROM distributors for the Android devices, and the users tend to use their ROMs to customize their devices with that custom operating system. Although this was the leading progressed company of developers due to some inflict this company has stopped making and distributing the ROM packages. Many of the users those who were loving the CyanogenMod would be missing out it and would be finding any such alternate option for that kind of ROMs. Fortunately, there are numerous other choices for the users, but not all are that much great. Here in this article, we have listed the 5 of the best CyanogenMod alternatives for the Android device, and we have collected these best alternatives from the whole bundle of available options and tested these to the limits so that you would not require to surf through various pages to conclude one of your better choices.

#1 Lineage OS

This is the ROM that is being developed by the CyanogenMod solid work development team. As this amazing ROM is being developed by the CyanogenMod developers only so, this is a definite preference to try up this one. Under the another name you might see the fantastic ROM.

#2 OmniRom

Based on Jellybean version of Android this ROM is ideal for your device as you get the chance to get regular updates making it more fit to your device. In actually this is the perfect alternate for the CyanogenMod, and you just don’t have to worry about the compatibility as this ROM easily supports most of the devices.

#3 CopperheadOS

Android could have many numbers of flaws, and this could be dangerous for the devices. This would not be impossible if your device could sometimes get any bloatware and flaws etc. that all ruin your device’s performance. The Copperhead that is made by the open source developers have made up the ROM that is highly focused on the security and protection from any vulnerabilities that in overall gives amazingly flawless experience.

#4 Slim ROM

If you are looking for the slimmed down version of the Android that could play comfortably on your hardware without any bloatware because of no presence of advanced graphics or extra added features, then this ROM is exactly what could help you out. This ROM just overrides the CyanogenMod in its capabilities to run super smoothly so you could go for it!

This fully free distribution is not that modified based on the style but the users only get the chance to play with the stock Android looks only. The only difference is that it is focused on the open source development apps and more concerned about the security. Over this could be the great alternative to the CyanogenMod because of its performance and the sheer capability to be customized well.


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